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Course: Probability and Statistics for Language Technology

Probability and Statistics for Language Technology

Uppsala University – Department of Linguistics and Philology Topics: elementary concepts in probability theory, such as unconditional and conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, and the law of total probability; elementary concepts in statistics such as sample, estimation, and hypothesis testing.

Lecture 5: Interval Estimation (ML4LT)

Topics: inferential statistics, statistical inference, language technology, interval estimation, confidence interval, standard error, confidence level, z critical value, confidence interval for proportion, confidence interval for the mean, multiplier, Lecture 5: Interval Estimation from Marina Santini

Lecture 4: Statistical Inference

Lecture 4: Statistical Inference from Marina Santini Outline: stochastic variables, frequency functions, expectations, variance, entropy, joint probabilities, conditional probabilities, independence, sampling, estimation, maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), smoothing, hypothesis testing,z-test. http://stp.lingfil.uu.se/~santinim/ml/2014/ml4lt_2014.htm