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Reading Suggestion: Adjectives and adverbs as indicators of affective language for automatic genre detection (2008)

Rittman, Robert and Nina Wacholder. (2008). Adjectives and adverbs as indicators of affective language for automatic genre detection. Proceedings of AISB 2008 Convention, Symposium on Affective Language. Aberdeen, Scotland, April 1-2, 2008. Abstract. We report the results of a systematic study of the feasibility of automatically classifying documents by genre using adjectives and adverbs as indicators of affective language. In addition to the class of adjectives and adverbs, we focus on two specific subsets of adjectives and adverbs: (1) trait adjectives, used by psychologists to assess human personality traits, and (2) speaker-oriented adverbs, studied by linguists as markers of narrator attitude. We report the results of our machine learning experiments using Accuracy Gain, a measure more rigorous than the standard measure of Accuracy. We find that it is possible to classify … Read entire article »

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Genre, Social Action and Social Intelligence

An important dimension that has not been investigated so far is the relatedness among genre, social action and social intelligence. The interpretation of genre in terms of social action was put forward more than 25 years ago by Carolyn Miller (Miller, 1984) and backed up by recent empirical studies on web genres (e.g. Miller and Shepherd, 2004, 2009). Lately, the social implications of the concept of genre have been stretched up to support the claim that that teaching how to master genre since the primary school  is a way of implementing democracy and social justice (Martin and Rose, 2008). I would suggest extending the social interpretation of genre even further by arguing that the recognition of social action is a sign of social intelligence. … Read entire article »

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Book Review. Genres in the Internet (2009)

Book Review by Marina Santini (Forthcoming. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory) Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (editors), Genres in the Internet. John Benjamin Publishing Company, Amsterdam-Philadelphia, 2009, 294 pp. Genres in the Internet makes an important contribution to the analysis and interpretation of web genres. Although the number of analyzed genres is limited to online educational genres, online literary criticism, digital folklore and blogs (namely corporate blogs, blog posts, homeless blogs, public affairs blogs, blog’s ancestors), the book offers analytical insights and presents original perspectives that could be applied to the analysis and to the understanding of other web genres in the future. … Read entire article »

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Book Review: Genre Relations (2008)

Review of  Genre Relations (to be published in Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 7-2) Reviewer: Marina Santini Authors: Martin, James and Rose, David Title: Genre Relations Subtitle: Mapping Culture Publisher: Equinox Publishing Ltd. Year: 2008. Reprint: 2009 The book Genre Relations – Mapping Culture includes a Preface, six chapters, and an index. The volume – first published in 2008 and reprinted in 2009 – provides a thorough and well-motivated introduction to genre theory from the perspective of the Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), also known as the Sydney School. The Preface describes the background of the book and lists the people who have had a relevant role in the discussion of the genre theory presented in the volume. Chapter 1 explains the linguistic framework within which the genre theory has been conceived. Chapters 2-5 analyze five major families of genres, namely … Read entire article »

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