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Reflection: Analysing Emotions of Social Writing

by Marina Santini A few days ago, I attended a fascinating session organized by the Quantified Self Stockholm (QS) MeetuUp, in a venue with an inspiring name, Psykologifabriken (The Psychology Factory), in center Stockholm. This QS session – Adding Power to body and soul… – included two presentations: one about adding power to the body through a robotic glove that adds gripping energy to the hand of those who have lost strength in this limb; the other one about methods to enable self-development through digital tools. Since I am not into robotics, I will only say that the empowering glove shown by Johan Ingvast from Bioservo is simply amazing… I am not a psychologist either, but I found the presentation about empowring the “soul” very relevant to some of my interests, namely sentiment analysis, mood … Read entire article »

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Thesis Review: Emotion in Information Retrieval

Moshfeghi, Yashar (2012) Role of emotion in information retrieval PhD thesis Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the title of Doctor of Philosophy School of Computing Science, College of Science and Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK. Thesis Download (A copy can be downloaded for personal non-commercial research or study, without prior permission or charge) Amazon UK — Amazon USA Review by Marina Santini The PhD thesis Role of emotion in information retrieval by Yashar Moshfeghi starts filling a gap in an area of Information Retrieval (IR) and Information Studies (IS) that is still underinvestigated: the role played by emotion in searchers’ behaviour. Although it is crystal clear that searchers use emotionally-rich documents from the internet to satisfy their needs — from blogs to tweets — the influence that emotion might have in information retrieval and … Read entire article »

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Reading Suggestions: Genre & Sentiment-Emotion

Lex E., Juffinger A. and Granitzer M. (2010). A Comparison of Stylometric and Lexical Features for Web Genre Classification and Emotion Classification in Blogs. DEXA Workshops 2010. Abstract: In the blogosphere, the amount of digital content is expanding and for search engines, new challenges have beenimposed. Due to the changing information need, automatic methods are needed to support blog search users to filter informationby different facets. … Read entire article »

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