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Lecture: Word Senses

bass: wordnet

Outline: word senses, lexical semantics, homonymy, polysemy, metonymy, meronymy, antonomy, synonmy, hyponymy, hypernymy, wordnet, mesh, babelnet, lemma, wordform, zeugma test, senseval, selectional restrictions, membership meronymy, part-whole meronymy, semantic analysis, language technology Lecture: Word Senses from Marina Santini

Course Start: Semantic Analysis in Language Technology

Spring 2016 Semantic Analysis in Language Technology at Uppsala University (Sweden) http://stp.lingfil.uu.se/~santinim/sais/2016/sais_2016.htm Topics: Semantics and Computational Semantics Semantic Role Labelling/Predicate-Argument Structure Sentiment Analysis Word Sense Disambiguation Vector Semantics Information Extraction (I & II) Question Answering (I & II) Ontologies and…

Course: Semantic Analysis in Language Technology

Uppsala University:┬áDepartment of Linguistics and Philology Semantic Analysis in Language Technology (2013)         Credits: 7,5 hp Syllabus: 5LN456 Teacher: Marina Santini The course website will be update regularly during the teaching session with additional material. Last Updated:…