Tag: semantic analysis in language technology

Lecture: Relation Extraction

Relation Extraction

Topic: databases of relations, knowledge graph, DBpedia, freebase, ACE, relation extractors, hand-written patterns, supervised machine learning, semi-supervised learning, bootstrapping, distant supervision, unsupervised learning from the web, semantic analysis in language technology. Relation Extraction from Marina Santini

Lecture: Question Answering

Question Answering

Topics: IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, WolframAlpha, factoid questions, complex questions, narrative questions, IR-based approaches, knowledge-based approaches, hybrid approaches, IR-based question answering, answer type taxonomy, passage retrieval,mean reciprocal rank, MRR, semantic analysis in language technology Lecture: Question Answering from Marina Santini

Lecture: Word Sense Disambiguation

similarity metric

Topics: word sense disambiguation, wsd, thesaurus-based methods, dictionary-based methods, supervised methods, lesk algorithm, michael lesk, simplified lesk, corpus lesk, graph-based methods, word similarity, word relatedness, path-based similarity, information content, surprisal, resnik method, lin method, elesk, extended lesk, semcor, collocational features,…