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Lecture 7: Learning from Massive Datasets

Lecture 7: Learning from Massive Datasets from Marina Santini In this lecture we explore how big datasets can be used with the Weka workbench and what other issues are currently under discussion in the real world, for ex: big data applications, predictive linguistic analysis, new platforms and new programming languages. … Read entire article »

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Cloud & Big Data Day

On 24th Sept 2013, I attended the CLOUD & BIG DATA DAY in Stockholm (Kista) organized by SICS and EIT ICT Labs. Cloud & Big Data Day is part of SICS Software Week that takes place every year. The specific purpose of the Cloud & Big Data Day was to “feature leading international and Swedish experts from industry and academia, who present the cutting edge of cloud computing technologies. The intended audience is professionals in IT and its applications for all areas in industry and academia”. The presentations were all interesting and covered a wide range of projects and applications centered on BIG DATA: from how to harness pentabytes of data at Spotify, to big cellular network data; from Hop (Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service) to ConPaaS (Platform as a Service for Multi-clouds), … Read entire article »

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Reflection: Analysing Emotions of Social Writing

by Marina Santini A few days ago, I attended a fascinating session organized by the Quantified Self Stockholm (QS) MeetuUp, in a venue with an inspiring name, Psykologifabriken (The Psychology Factory), in center Stockholm. This QS session – Adding Power to body and soul… – included two presentations: one about adding power to the body through a robotic glove that adds gripping energy to the hand of those who have lost strength in this limb; the other one about methods to enable self-development through digital tools. Since I am not into robotics, I will only say that the empowering glove shown by Johan Ingvast from Bioservo is simply amazing… I am not a psychologist either, but I found the presentation about empowring the “soul” very relevant to some of my interests, namely sentiment analysis, mood … Read entire article »

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Reblogging: Gavagai! Gavagai!

Source: Follow the Data Blog — Follow the Data podcast, episode 1: Gavagai! Gavagai! by Mikael Huss Podcast link: Follow The Data | Episode 1 – Gavagai! Gavagai! This first episode, as has been mentioned before on this blog, is about a Stockholm startup company, Gavagai, which provides a technology platform called Ethersource. We interviewed the company’s CDO (chief data officer), Fredrik Olsson, and the chief scientist, Magnus Sahlgren, and we think it resulted in a very interesting chat, although the sound quality is perhaps not ideal due to our inexperience with podcasting. Some interesting tidbits from the conversation: The name “Gavagai” comes from a thought experiment by Quine demonstrating the “indeterminacy of translation“. It’s also the reason for the presence of the little rabbit on the Gavagai web page. Olsson describes Ethersource as a “semantic processing layer of … Read entire article »

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