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Book Review: Genre Relations (2008)

Review of  Genre Relations (to be published in Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory 7-2) Reviewer: Marina Santini Authors: Martin, James and Rose, David Title: Genre Relations Subtitle: Mapping Culture Publisher: Equinox Publishing Ltd. Year: 2008. Reprint: 2009 The book Genre Relations –…

Book Review: Email Hoaxes (2008)

Review of  Email Hoaxes (also available in the LinguistList Reviews archive) Reviewer: Marina Santini AUTHOR: Heyd, Theresa TITLE: Email Hoaxes SUBTITLE: Form, Function, Genre Ecology SERIES: Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 174 YEAR: 2008 PUBLISHER: John Benjamins SUMMARY The book is based…

Book Review: Academic Writing and Genre (2008)

This is a monograph consisting of 7 chapters and 5 appendices. It focuses on genre-based approaches to the teaching of academic writing. The book reviews pedagogical approaches to genre and presents a comprehensive synthesis of the current research in the field. After a thorough review, which includes also reflections on the nature of human categorization, the author, Ian Bruce, proposes an innovative model to teach academic writing through a two-layer genre-based approach, and discusses the ways in which such a model can be implemented in an academic curriculum for undergraduates and post-graduates, and native and non-speakers. The book is informative, clearly written and well organized. It is a significant contribution to the genre discussion in general, and to the teaching of academic writing in particular. Since it helps unveil the dynamics underlying the acquisition of genre competence, this book is a recommended reading to all those working in areas where genre classification has a bearing – from pedagogy to genre analysis, applied linguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, information studies, context-based information retrieval etc.