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Lecture 4: Decision Trees (Part 2) (ML4LT)

Topics: attribute selection, constructing decision trees, decision trees, divide and conquer, entropy, gain ratio, information gain, machine leaning, pruning, rules, suprisal Lecture 4 Decision Trees (2): Entropy, Information Gain, Gain Ratio from Marina Santini

Lecture 3b: Decision Trees (Part 1) (ML4LT)

Decision Treee

slideshare presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/marinasantini1/lecture-3b-decision-trees-1-part Topics: Greediness, Divide and Conquer, Inductive Bias of the Decision Tree, Loss function, Expected loss, Empirical error, Induction.

Lecture 02: Decision Trees and Nearest Neighbors

Lecture 02: Machine Learning for Language Technology – Decision Trees and Nearest Neighbors In this lecture, we talk about two different discriminative machine learning methods: decision trees and k-nearest neighbors. Decision trees are hierarchical structures. k-Nearest neighbors are based on…