Tag: computational semantics

Lecture: Word Sense Disambiguation

similarity metric

Topics: word sense disambiguation, wsd, thesaurus-based methods, dictionary-based methods, supervised methods, lesk algorithm, michael lesk, simplified lesk, corpus lesk, graph-based methods, word similarity, word relatedness, path-based similarity, information content, surprisal, resnik method, lin method, elesk, extended lesk, semcor, collocational features,…

Lecture: Sentiment Analysis

polarity similarity

Topics: sentiment analysis, affective meaning, connotational aspects, sentiment lexicons, naive bayes baseline algorithm, mutual information, pointwise mutual information, computational semantics, likelihood, Scherer’s typology, emotion classification, opinion mining, sentiment mining, subjectivity analysis, manually-built sentiment lexicons, semi-supervised methods, SentiWordnet, General Enquirer, earning…

Lecture: Semantic Role Labeling

Semantic Role Labeling

Topics: Semantic Role Labeling, Thematic Roles, Semantic Roles, PropBank, FrameNet, Selectional Restrictions, Shallow semantics, Shallow semantic representation, Predicate-Argument structure, Computational semantics Semantic Role Labeling from Marina Santini

Lecture: Semantics and Computational Semantics

Semantics and Computational Semantics

Topics: logic and language, formal theories, formal semantics, unification, first-order logic, predicate logic, propositional logic, semantics, computational semantics, meaning representation, connotation, denotation. Semantics and Computational Semantics from Marina Santini

Course Start: Semantic Analysis in Language Technology

Spring 2016 Semantic Analysis in Language Technology at Uppsala University (Sweden) http://stp.lingfil.uu.se/~santinim/sais/2016/sais_2016.htm Topics: Semantics and Computational Semantics Semantic Role Labelling/Predicate-Argument Structure Sentiment Analysis Word Sense Disambiguation Vector Semantics Information Extraction (I & II) Question Answering (I & II) Ontologies and…