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Electronic Meeting as a Genre of Organizational Communication: The Genre Lens on LucidMeetings

Reflections by Marina Santini. Copyright © 2012, All rights reserved. Genres of organisational communication are recognised types of communicative actions enacted by members of a community to perform organizational tasks. Organizational genres are based on a combination of technical, social and institutional forces underlying organizational “actions”. Yates and Orlikowski (1992) were among the first ones who proposed genres of organizational communication as a concept useful for studying communication as embedded in the social process. Drawing on Miller’s concept of rhetorical genre (Miller, 1984), they argued that the concept could be applied to a wide range of typical communicative practices occurring in organizations, and it could provide a new perspective on organizational communication. In Yates and Orlikowski’s own words, “genres are typified communicative actions invoked in recurrent situations and characterized by similar substance … Read entire article »

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Genre, Social Action and Social Intelligence

An important dimension that has not been investigated so far is the relatedness among genre, social action and social intelligence. The interpretation of genre in terms of social action was put forward more than 25 years ago by Carolyn Miller (Miller, 1984) and backed up by recent empirical studies on web genres (e.g. Miller and Shepherd, 2004, 2009). Lately, the social implications of the concept of genre have been stretched up to support the claim that that teaching how to master genre since the primary school  is a way of implementing democracy and social justice (Martin and Rose, 2008). I would suggest extending the social interpretation of genre even further by arguing that the recognition of social action is a sign of social intelligence. … Read entire article »

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Book Review. Genres in the Internet (2009)

Book Review by Marina Santini (Forthcoming. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory) Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (editors), Genres in the Internet. John Benjamin Publishing Company, Amsterdam-Philadelphia, 2009, 294 pp. Genres in the Internet makes an important contribution to the analysis and interpretation of web genres. Although the number of analyzed genres is limited to online educational genres, online literary criticism, digital folklore and blogs (namely corporate blogs, blog posts, homeless blogs, public affairs blogs, blog’s ancestors), the book offers analytical insights and presents original perspectives that could be applied to the analysis and to the understanding of other web genres in the future. … Read entire article »

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Re-fusing form in genre study by Amy J. Devitt (2009) I

Amy J. Devitt, Re-fusing form in genre study, in Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (eds) Genres in the Internet, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009 The chapter Re-fusing form in genre study by Amy J. Devitt has a very clear mission: the full re-integration of the “form”, intended as linguistic form, into genre studies. In this respect, two seminal  works are re-examined under the “form” lens, namely “Genre as social action” (1984) by Carolyn Miller and “The problem of speech genres” (1981) by Mikahil Bakhtin. In both cases, Devitt points out that Miller and Bakhtin refuse formalism but not form in their definition of genre. Formalism is intended as the treatment or analysis of the form in isolation of its contexts. In particular, Miller in her article argues for the fusion of three elements, … Read entire article »

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