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At present, much useful information remains buried in large public-service websites, due to the complexity of the websites themselves, unclear navigation patterns, reduced IT-literacy of end-users (maybe immigrants from countries where IT facilities are not widespread), reduced competence in the national language, cultural and social differences. Aware of these issues, public-service websites, sometimes offer the possibility to select “Other Languages” in a drop-box or to read simplified version of a text. However, often information in other languages and simplified texts do not cover the extent and the completeness of the online documentation to which national competent speakers have access to. Predictable consequences are: social discrimination and ethnic isolation as well as high costs to setup specialized helpdesk solutions or to provide interpreters.
SearchInFocus addresses these issues by providing an enhanced search functionality with improved usability, boosted retrieval accuracy and innovative translation features.

Discussion group

  • Marina Santini (Sweden)
  • Sture Hägglund (Sweden)
  • Arne Jönsson (Sweden)
  • Lars Ahrenberg (Sweden)
  • Magnus Merkel (Sweden)
  • Jussi Karlgren (Sweden)
  • Tony Russell-Rose (UK)
  • Findwise [Henrik Strindberg & Svetoslav Marinov] (Sweden)

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