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Lecture: Semantic Word Clouds

Semantic Word Clouds

Topics: folksonomy, social tagging, tag clouds, automatic folksonomy construction, word clouds, wordle,context-preserving word cloud visualisation, CPEWCV, seam carving, inflate and push, star forest, cycle cover, quantitative metrics, realized adjacencies, distortion, area utilization, compactness, aspect ratio, running time, semantics in language…

Lecture: Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Topics: Semantic Web, Web 3.0, shared understanding, shared semantic annotation, tree of Porphyry, ontology,wordnet, mesh,rdf, iri, description logics, DLs, Owl, WebProtege, domain-specific,Sparql, tags, ontology learning, classes, relations, axioms, instances, semantics in language technology. Lecture: Ontologies and the Semantic Web from…

Lecture: Summarization

Automatic Summarization

Topics: abstracting, extractive summarization, abstractive summarization, summarization in question answering, single vs. multiple documents, query-focused summarization, snippets, unsupervised content selection, topic signature-based content selection, rouge, recall oriented understudy for gisting evaluation, semantics in language technology, Lecture: Summarization from Marina Santini

Lecture: Relation Extraction

Relation Extraction

Topic: databases of relations, knowledge graph, DBpedia, freebase, ACE, relation extractors, hand-written patterns, supervised machine learning, semi-supervised learning, bootstrapping, distant supervision, unsupervised learning from the web, semantic analysis in language technology. Relation Extraction from Marina Santini

Lecture: Question Answering

Question Answering

Topics: IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, WolframAlpha, factoid questions, complex questions, narrative questions, IR-based approaches, knowledge-based approaches, hybrid approaches, IR-based question answering, answer type taxonomy, passage retrieval,mean reciprocal rank, MRR, semantic analysis in language technology Lecture: Question Answering from Marina Santini

Lecture: IE – Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Named Entity Recognition

Topics: Information Extraction, Named Entity Recognition, NER, text analytics, text mining, e-discovery, unstructured data, structured data, calendaring, standard evaluation per entity, standard evaluation per token, sequence classifier, sequence labeling, word shapes, semantic analysis in language technology IE: Named Entity Recognition…

Lecture: Vector/Distributional Semantics

Distributional Semantics

Topics: term-context matrix, distributional models, Zellig Harris, John Rupert Firth, PMI, Pointwise Mutual Information, PPMI, Positive Pointwise Mutual Information, joint probability, marginals, smoothing, cosine metric, cosine similarity measure, dot product, vectors. Lecture: Vector Semantics (aka Distributional Semantics) from Marina Santini

Lecture: Word Sense Disambiguation

similarity metric

Topics: word sense disambiguation, wsd, thesaurus-based methods, dictionary-based methods, supervised methods, lesk algorithm, michael lesk, simplified lesk, corpus lesk, graph-based methods, word similarity, word relatedness, path-based similarity, information content, surprisal, resnik method, lin method, elesk, extended lesk, semcor, collocational features,…