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Cloud & Big Data Day

On 24th Sept 2013, I attended the CLOUD & BIG DATA DAY in Stockholm (Kista) organized by SICS and EIT ICT Labs. Cloud & Big Data Day is part of SICS Software Week that takes place every year. The specific purpose of the Cloud & Big Data Day was to “feature leading international and Swedish experts from industry and academia, who present the cutting edge of cloud computing technologies. The intended audience is professionals in IT and its applications for all areas in industry and academia”. The presentations were all interesting and covered a wide range of projects and applications centered on BIG DATA: from how to harness pentabytes of data at Spotify, to big cellular network data; from Hop (Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service) to ConPaaS (Platform as a Service for Multi-clouds), … Read entire article »

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Recasting the blog as a collection of blog posts

Draft. Kathryn Grafton, Situating the public social actions of blog posts, in Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (eds) Genres in the Internet, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009. The chapter by Kathryn Grafton  focuses on the social actions of blog posts, and not on the blog as a genre. Grafton suggests reframing the blog as a collection of generic utterances. In order to situate bloggers’ social actions, she proposes studying the blog post in two contexts: (1) the blog itself and (2) the topics of the post. Merging influences from situational rhetoric, the theory of publics and the concept of uptake, Grafton argues that bloggers who write public posts about a public event participate in two situation, i.e. the blog and the event expressed by the topic of the post. Consequently, the resulting social actions … Read entire article »

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