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Report: Language in the Digital Age – META-NORD National Workshop

Report: Language in the Digital Age – META-NORD National Workshop by Marina Santini Held in Stockholm, Sweden, 23 Nov 2012 Download program and presentations here. I was very happy to attend the workshop “Language in the Digital Age” last week in Stockholm. It was informative and inspring. The workshop’s venue – Stacken at Nalen’s (a building from the end of XIX century) – is a fascinating example of architectonic re-use. Stacken (literally meaning “The Stack”, but probably a nickname to refer to the boxing ring) was the former boxing gym of the still existing Narva Boxningsklubb. Now Stacken is an cosy conference/banquet room decorated with four thin columns that add status and elegance to events ( The speakers and the audience (about 50 people) represented a wide range of interests, from the linguistic needs of the … Read entire article »

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Seminar – Towards Contextualized Information: How Automatic Genre Identification Can Help

Seminar Series Laboratory for Cognition, Interaction and Language Technology (CILTLab) Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden, Tuesday 28 August 2012 Abstract: Genre is one of the textual dimensions that can be used to reconstruct the communicative context needed to assess the value of information with respect to a purpose (business, learning, finding, monitoring, predicting, etc.). When we know the genre of a text, we can surmise the CONTEXT where a text has been created and for which purpose. Therefore we can more confidently decide whether a text contains the information we are looking for. For example, factual texts might have more credibility than opinionated texts. In this respect, genres such as press conferences, declarations or announcements by a White House spokesman might be more reliable than subjective genres, e.g. newspapers’ editorials or op-ed articles. On the … Read entire article »

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