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Towards a Safer Web (with Language Technology)

Last Updated: 25 June 2013 On 18 June 2013, I attended an interesting conference on cybersecurity. The conference was held in one of the conference rooms at the Police Academy in Rome*. The title of the conference was “Critical Infrastructure Protection – Telecommunications”** and Italian was the working language. The conference was organized by  the I.C.S.A Foundation (Intelligence Culture and Strategic Analysis) ( Those who can understand Italian can read a press release here: As you can imagine, there were many people working for the Police and Defence Departments, but also people coming from industry and academia. I attended this conference because, in my opinion, Language Technology (LT) can help cybersecurity in many ways. We are currently thinking of a LT project, SafeWEB, whose aim is to detect threatening, mischievous and treacherous … Read entire article »

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Enterprise Search has a very bright future!

Last updated (Comments): 10 July 2013 On the 30th May 2013, I attended the Findability Day 2013 ( organized by Findwise ( The gathering of about 200 participants took place in Central Stockholm (Odenplan) in a sunny day, in bright and spacious conference rooms, and in friendly and laid-off atmosphere. The event – “the biggest event on search and findability in Northern Europe”, as the subtitle says – was free of charge (only registration was required) and was sponsored by Google and Splunk. I will not give a complete debrief of the Findability Day 2013 in this post. Martin White has summarized the highlights in his blog (, and Olof Belfrage describes in more details the presentations in a post ( published on Findwise blog. In this post I would like to summarize a … Read entire article »

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Report: Language in the Digital Age – META-NORD National Workshop

Report: Language in the Digital Age – META-NORD National Workshop by Marina Santini Held in Stockholm, Sweden, 23 Nov 2012 Download program and presentations here. I was very happy to attend the workshop “Language in the Digital Age” last week in Stockholm. It was informative and inspring. The workshop’s venue – Stacken at Nalen’s (a building from the end of XIX century) – is a fascinating example of architectonic re-use. Stacken (literally meaning “The Stack”, but probably a nickname to refer to the boxing ring) was the former boxing gym of the still existing Narva Boxningsklubb. Now Stacken is an cosy conference/banquet room decorated with four thin columns that add status and elegance to events ( The speakers and the audience (about 50 people) represented a wide range of interests, from the linguistic needs of the … Read entire article »

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Meetup Report: Big Data & Predictive Modeling – What’s happening in Sthlm?

On Thursday, September 6, 2012 the first meetup on BIG DATA & PREDICTIVE MODELING- WHAT’S HAPPENING IN STHLM? was held at the Klarna Headquarters in Stockholm. The event was very successful and (according to the organizer) unexpectedly crowded (about 90 attendees) of passionate practitioners and, more generally, of people interested in big data (like myself). Although I could not attend the socialization slots before and, above all, after the event at the bar, it was a very informative and enjoyable meeting and I hope that similar events will be held in the future. … Read entire article »

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