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Book Chapter: Genre and Terminology by Margaret Rogers (2000)

Useful insights about the relation between domain-specific lexicons and the corpus-driven approach to terminology Genre and Terminology by Margaret Rogers Chapter in: Analysing Professional Genres Edited by Anna Trosborg, John Benjamins [Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 74] 2000 Googlebook: … Read entire article »

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Chapter: Any Land in Sight?

Any Land in Sight? by Marina Santini, Serge Sharoff, Alexander Mehler In: Genres on the Web Computational Models and Empirical Studies Alexander Mehler, Serge Sharoff and Marina Santini Text, Speech and Language Technology Volume 42, 2011, DOI: 10.1007/978-90-481-9178-9 Abstract Is there hope of sorting out the complex issues of genre on the web? Is there any land in sight? We think so. Genre is a multifarious concept that lends itself to many interpretations and uses. For this reason, we included as many approaches and different views as possible. We believe that the plurality and diversity of visions fosters cross-fertilisation of ideas and that inter- and transdisciplinarity are the most productive approaches to increasing our understanding of this important concept. … Read entire article »

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