Author: Marina Santini

Computational Linguist, PhD

Book Review: The Personal Weblog (Peter Lang, 2016)

Published here: LINGUIST List 28.2320, Wed May 24 2017 AUTHOR(S): Schildhauer, Peter; TITLE: The Personal Weblog SUBTITLE: A Linguistic History SERIES: Hallesche Sprach- und Textforschung. Language and Text Studies. Recherches linguistiques et textuelles – Band 14 YEAR: 2016 PUBLISHER:…

Lecture: Semantic Word Clouds

Semantic Word Clouds

Topics: folksonomy, social tagging, tag clouds, automatic folksonomy construction, word clouds, wordle,context-preserving word cloud visualisation, CPEWCV, seam carving, inflate and push, star forest, cycle cover, quantitative metrics, realized adjacencies, distortion, area utilization, compactness, aspect ratio, running time, semantics in language…

Lecture: Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Topics: Semantic Web, Web 3.0, shared understanding, shared semantic annotation, tree of Porphyry, ontology,wordnet, mesh,rdf, iri, description logics, DLs, Owl, WebProtege, domain-specific,Sparql, tags, ontology learning, classes, relations, axioms, instances, semantics in language technology. Lecture: Ontologies and the Semantic Web from…

Lecture: Summarization

Automatic Summarization

Topics: abstracting, extractive summarization, abstractive summarization, summarization in question answering, single vs. multiple documents, query-focused summarization, snippets, unsupervised content selection, topic signature-based content selection, rouge, recall oriented understudy for gisting evaluation, semantics in language technology, Lecture: Summarization from Marina Santini

Lecture: Relation Extraction

Relation Extraction

Topic: databases of relations, knowledge graph, DBpedia, freebase, ACE, relation extractors, hand-written patterns, supervised machine learning, semi-supervised learning, bootstrapping, distant supervision, unsupervised learning from the web, semantic analysis in language technology. Relation Extraction from Marina Santini

Course: Probability and Statistics for Language Technology

Probability and Statistics for Language Technology

Uppsala University – Department of Linguistics and Philology Topics: elementary concepts in probability theory, such as unconditional and conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, and the law of total probability; elementary concepts in statistics such as sample, estimation, and hypothesis testing.