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Marina Santini

Personal details

  • Born 22 March 1960, Italian Nationality, Resident in Sweden.
  • Married with a daughter (born Nov. 2005).
  • email addresses:,                                    
Interests and Skills
2009-2011 Agile Web Developer Diploma (Examensbevis -Kvalificerad yrkesexamen inriktning Agile Web Developer – KYH, Stockholm).
2007 Attendance: 7th European Summer School in Information Retrieval, ESSIR 2007, Glasgow, UK (partially funded by BCS-IRSG).
2007 PhD in Computational Linguistics at University of Brighton (UK). Funded by EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) and University of Brighton.
2005 Attendance: 5th European Summer School in Information Retrieval, ESSIR 2005, Dublin, Ireland (funded by University of Brighton, UK).
2004 Attendance: 16th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, ESSLLI 2004, Université Henri Poincaré Nancy, France (funded by University of Brighton).
2004 Attendance: 1st Summer School in Semantic Interoperabilty and Data Mining in Biomedicine, funded by WP6 Mobility Programmes with WP7 Summer School 2004 (MEDINFO) (EU 6FW Program, Balatonfüred, Hungary.
2004 Attendance: UK GRAD Programme, Hotel Albion, Brighton (UK). Funded by EPSRC.
2003 Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methodology – University of Brighton. Funded by EPSRC.
2000 Master of Science in Natural Language Processing (UMIST, Manchester University, UK).
1999 Attendance Terminology Summer School and Terminology Summer Campus (Danube University, Krems – Austria).
1998 Degree in LinguisticsHistory of the Italian Language (Università “La Sapienza”, Rome – Italy).
1988 Certificate: “PC Cobol Programming” (Rome – Italy).
1982 Diploma in Technical Translation: English to Italian and French to Italian (Rome – Italy).
1978 Secondary School Diploma (Rome – Italy).
Mother tongue Italian.
Second Languages English and French (spoken and written). Swedish: SAS B (Svenska som andra språk B).
Programming Languages and Frameworks
Good knowledge Perl, PHP, Javascript, Java, Pyton.
Learning Groovy, Ruby, Rails.
Good knowledge Eclipse, CakePhP, Django.
Frameworks for Language Technology & Text Analysis
Good knowledge OpenNLP, NLTK.
Statistics and Machine Learning
Good knowledge SPSS, WEKA.
Agile Methods
Good knowledge Scrum, Kabana, TDD, XP.
Academic and Working Experience after the PHD (from October 2006 to date)
2011-to date Moderator & Blogger: The WebGenreBlog, eForum and eMagazine on e-content, e-texts, web genres, search, cyberemotions and more.
Web Development and Prototyping.
2010-2011 Web develpment at Grannar’s, Stockholm-Sweden: The CityTimes Prototype.
2011 Text Analytics Research at Artificial Solutions, Stockholm: corpus creation, corpus cleaning, word n-grams for genre- and domain-specific Zipf’s distributionsa proposal for a flexible, multilingual and fine-grained knowledge base organization.
2011 Computational Models for Web Genre Identification — Seminar Series at Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Gothenburg University, Borås University.
2010 Teaching Italian at Folkuniversitet, Stockholm.
2010 Co-editor and coordinator of the book Genres on the Web: Computational Models and Empirical StudiesText, Speech and Language Technology, Vol. 42, 2010. Springer. Preview.
2009 Co-editor and coordinator of the Journal for Language Technology and Computational Linguistics (JLCL) Vol. 24, No 1 (2009) Special Issue on Genre:Automatic Genre Identification: Issues and Prospects.
2008 Consultant for Norstedts pocket dictionary (Swedish-Italian). New edition.
2007 Lecturer at Stockholm University, Department of Linguistics. Courses: Introduction to Computational Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics.
2007 Opponent at Mikael Gunnarsson’s slutseminarium, University of Borås, Sweden.
2007 Co-organizer of the Workshop Towards Genre-Enabled Search Engines: The Impact of NLP, co-organized with Georg Rehm (Tübingen University, Germany) under the auspices of SICS, held in conjunction with RANLP, Borovets, Bulgaria
2007 Co-organizer of the Colloquium Towards a Reference Corpus of Web Genres, co-organized with Serge Sharoff (Leeds University, UK) and held in conjunction with Corpus Linguistics 2007, Birmingham, UK.
Other Activities Editor of the Abstracts – Proceedings of the Colloquium Towards a Reference Corpus of Web Genres.Co-editor with Georg Rehm of the Proceedings of the International Workshop Towards Genre-Enabled Search Engines: The Impact of NLP.Anonymous Reviewer: conferences, journals.Book Reviewer: see Publications.
Breaks from Work
2002 – 2007 PhD and maternity leave.
Pre-PhD Working Experience (from 1982 to 2002)
April 2001 – Jan 2002 Researcher at Eulogos, Language Engineering, Rome – Italy.
Feb.-March 2001 Contractor, Lingomotors (US start-up), Natural Language Search Engine (Boston and Rome).
1999 Localization: Line Manager of the Italian Software Translation Department at SDL (Sheffield, UK). Project management and human resources.
1996-1998 Localization: Freelance as Software Translator and Proofreader at L&H Mendez Italia s.r.l. (Consulting & Services Division, Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products, Italy).
1988-1996 Localization: Translator, Proofreader, Linguistic Tester and Project Manager of IBM software at Teledata (Rome – Italy). Linguistic Tester of the following IBM products carried out in IBM labs:

  • OfficeVision on MVS, Dallas – Texas (USA), 1990
  • OS/2 Lan Manager, Austin – Texas ( USA), 1990 and 1991
  • Software for ThinkPad, Basingstoke (Great Britain), 1992
  • POMS for IBM, Roanoke – Virginia (USA), 1993
  • IBM Product Manager, Charlotte – North Carolina (USA) (1996)
1982-1988 Freelance secretary and translator (Rome, Italy).
Leisure Time
Travelling, reading, going to the theatre, cinema, concerts, art exhibitions, swimming, fitness, walking, trekking, guiding, socializing.

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