Position Paper (2017): A Web Corpus for eCare: Collection, Lay Annotation and Learning -First Results-

Position Paper:

A Web Corpus for eCare: Collection, Lay Annotation and Learning -First Results-

by Marina Santini, Arne Jönsson,  Mikael Nyström, Marjan Alirezai

2nd International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications (LTA’17)
Prague, Czech Republic, 3 – 6 September, 2017


In this position paper, we put forward two claims: 1) it is possible to design a dynamic and extensible corpus without running the risk of getting into scalability problems; 2) it is possible to devise noise-resistant Language Technology applications without affecting performance. To support our claims, we describe the design, construction and limitations of a very specialized medical web corpus, called eCare_Sv_01, and we present two experiments on lay-specialized text classification. eCare_Sv_01 is a small corpus of web documents written in Swedish. The corpus contains documents about chronic diseases. The sublanguage used in each document has been labelled as “lay” or “specialized” by a lay annotator. The corpus is designed as a flexible text resource, where additional medical documents will be appended over time. Experiments show that the lay-specialized labels assigned by the lay annotator are reliably learned by standard classifiers. More specifically, Experiment 1 shows that scalability is not an issue when increasing the size of the datasets to be learned from 156 up to 801 documents. Experiment 2 shows that lay-specialized labels can be learned regardless of the large amount of disturbing factors, such as machine translated documents or low-quality texts that are numerous in the corpus.

Read full paper here: ReseachGate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318379265_A_Web_Corpus_for_eCare_Collection_Lay_Annotation_and_Learning_-First_Results-

Academia: https://www.academia.edu/33859937/A_Web_Corpus_for_eCare_Collection_Lay_Annotation_and_Learning_-First_Results




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