Recasting the blog as a collection of blog posts


Kathryn Grafton, Situating the public social actions of blog posts, in Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (eds) Genres in the Internet, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009.

The chapter by Kathryn Grafton  focuses on the social actions of blog posts, and not on the blog as a genre. Grafton suggests reframing the blog as a collection of generic utterances. In order to situate bloggers’ social actions, she proposes studying the blog post in two contexts: (1) the blog itself and (2) the topics of the post. Merging influences from situational rhetoric, the theory of publics and the concept of uptake, Grafton argues that bloggers who write public posts about a public event participate in two situation, i.e. the blog and the event expressed by the topic of the post. Consequently, the resulting social actions accommodate exigencies belonging to both. Grafton supports her argument with the analysis of three blogs engaged with Canada Reads, a Canadian show fashioned after the reality TV show (namely Survivors), where five celebrities champion a Canadian literary works that they believe Canadians should read.

In this view, the contents of a blog — which is varied and can combine jokes, reflections on research, essays, memories, etc. — are themselves different kind of genres.

Reflections underway…

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