Re-fusing form in genre study by Amy J. Devitt (2009) II


Amy J. Devitt, Re-fusing form in genre study, in Janet Giltrow and Dieter Stein (eds) Genres in the Internet, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2009

… I am not sure that I completely agree on the importance of the “content”, or “substance” as a constitutive element of genre…

Devitt says “I include as genre form all material embodiments of genres, linguistic and textual elements that might vary from one genre to another. Most obviously, then, form includes words, sentences, organizational structure, format, layout and other visual elements. ” (p. 33) I am perfectly happy with that, but why is then necessary to support the fusion between form and substance/content? I can’t see how “One does not exist without the other in the reality of actual texts” (p. 34). From the studies of internet genres and especially of blogs, it comes out that content varies very much among them. There is such a high degree of ¬†colonization in the internet, that any content can be expressed in any genres, and perform the same pragmatic action.

One example of ¬†genre”appropriation” for purposes and for contents that are not prototypical is described by Cornelius Puschmann in his “Lies at Wall-Mart”…

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